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Recent Order Enhancements

31 Jan

After a ton of user feedback, we’ve rolled out some changes that make it even easier to re-order your favorite items. Now in just three taps, you can recall a previous order and submit it to be prepared.

Finally, there’s no need to re-enter your special requests—we’ve got you covered! (We’re looking at you, Mr. Anonymous, with your ’4 splenda in a large cup with extra ice’)

We’ve also made it dead-simple to modify an existing order. So if you’re re-ordering lunch for your entire office, you’ll be able to pull up yesterday’s transaction and add or remove a sandwich or two.

Let us know what you think! Tweet us @tapviva. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

7 Ways to Enhance Your Productivity at Work Using Evernote

27 Aug

Here at tapviva, we are always trying to find ways to squeeze out even more productivity throughout our days.  One tool we love for being more productive is Evernote.  Here are seven great ways to be more productive using Evernote:

  1. Brainstorm during lunch, and actually keep the results.
  2. Have one person take notes in meetings, and sync them within departments.  Let managers see the results of the meetings without needing to take the time to email or conference call.
  3. Snap a photo of your receipts for expense reports.
  4. Create, save, and share a set of snippets that you use over and over throughout the day.  Think signatures, simple bits of HTML, frequently-used-but-easily-forgotten login information.
  5. Discuss contracts and proposals by uploading PDFs and commenting on them with your team.
  6. Save the results of your whiteboards so that your hard work isn’t lost when the meeting ends.
  7. Take a break and snap a photo of your favorite beer at lunch.  OK, so this one may not help you be more productive, but everyone needs to have a little fun, right?

Take Evernote for a spin.  We think you’ll love it as much as we do!  Did we mention it’s free?

Starbucks mobile exec on Android, mobile ordering

12 Jun

We found this piece interesting. K.C. MacLaren, Starbucks’ director of mobile and emerging platforms, discusses the importance of mobile applications:

With mobile, there’s something to do with consumers which uplevels the Starbucks experience when they are on their way to the store, at the store and maybe after they’ve gotten their food and beverage. It is that segment of the journey with people that we couldn’t reach before.

Read the whole article here.

10 Top Stories in Food + Technology News

18 May

Your source for the latest in food + technology news:

  1. Gilt Groupe launches Gilt Taste, a culinary tasting extravaganza, buy artisan foods in several categories, Meat, Seafood, Cheese & Dairy, Pantry, Sweets, Produce and Equipment, check out the About Page.
  2. GrubHub sued over price differences in store and on their site, learn more from NBCChicago.
  3. Goodplates, a foodspotting type app/site with heavy emphasis on written reviews and social, gives its first public demo, learn more on Boston.com.
  4. New York Times post by Julia Moskin today has a great write-up on comparing recipe search engines. Find links, reviews and a bit of “how they work.”
  5. There may be trouble ahead for reservations industry leader OpenTable, Google may provide competition, some current customers are frustrated with the business and the CEO, Jeff Jordan, has transitioned roles, read more on SFGate.
  6. Learn more about Square founder Jack Dorsey by reading his interview with Wired Magazine.
  7. McDonald’s to test consumer facing touchscreen kiosks in European stores, learn more from InvestorPlace.
  8. In the “somewhat related to Food + Technology” category – Business Insider has a slideshow of the 10 coolest start-up kitchens.
  9. Quiznos is working with Groupon to offer a 8 sub “punch-card” deal, buy 8 subs at Quiznos, all at half price. This is big because Groupon has yet to prove it can create repeat customers, read more at the Chicago Tribune.
  10. SFWeekly publishes its annual “Best of” list – always a great read.

Let us know what you think of any of these stories – and what we may have missed in Food + Technology news.

Lean Start-Up Toolbox: Why we use MailChimp

17 May

A tool that we rely on as a lean start-up is MailChimp (we are also just huge fans in general). We were inspired to write about MailChimp today by Fred Wilson’s article from Monday on AVC, Email: Social Media’s Secret Weapon. This article highlights something we have discussed internally for a long time – emails driving continued user engagement. For example, the email that you have been tagged in a picture that brings you back to Facebook, the LinkedIn new contact request email that brings you back to LinkedIn.

Email can be a huge differentiator for social media companies, technology companies or small businesses. One core way to increase user awareness and engagement is through email marketing campaigns. We understand the need for this in our own business – but also need to prioritize time and cost.

That’s where MailChimp comes in.


For free, MailChimp users can store up to 2,000 different email accounts, and send up to 12,000 emails per month. For a company just starting out – this is a huge amount.


MailChimp is simple to set up and use. The embedded forms help create beautiful emails that require no time to put together. We also appreciate helpful guides provided by MailChimp for new users, or users looking to improve their email campaign success (they have been around a while and know what questions come up). The guides cover topics like Email Marketing Field Guide, Mobile Email Marketing, how to manage your email list, and my favorite – Common Rookie Mistakes.

After every email campaign you can check all of the resulting stats – compare email campaigns to learn what works and what doesn’t work for your list. Got a MailChimp success story? Please share!

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