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tapviva on PBS News Hour!

23 Nov

Check us out at the 2:10 mark.

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A little bit of press didn’t hurt

20 Oct

We were thrilled with all of the press that tapviva’s incubator, AngelPad, received yesterday. Being highlighted in All Things D, TechCrunch, along with a syndication in the Wall Street Journal put a nice little spike in our inbound web traffic. And thanks to everyone who sent positive feedback our way!

Trending: Mobile Ordering

15 Oct

There’s no doubt there’s a growing demand for mobile ordering. We’re already seeing it in highly-frequented food stops. One of our favorite Mexican chains, Chipotle, has an amazing iPhone app that has accepted mobile orders since 2009. A new grilled cheese chain, The Melt, is starting to pop up all over San Francisco and beyond. Their approach to creating a restaurant around a technology is interesting. Just about all of their press coverage has been about the ordering process, and not the food itself.

But enabling mobile ordering is no easy task. Most restaurants lack the infrastructure to support realtime orders from a smartphone app. We’ve seen large chains sink hundreds of thousands of dollars into making this a reality for themselves, though. The problem is, most restaurants simply don’t want to take the pricey plunge just to make it more convenient for their customers. Smaller restaurants couldn’t do it anyway, as the cost would be 100% prohibitive.

We’re absolutely passionate about developing an end-to-end platform for food establishments of all sizes to facilitate mobile ordering. We’re certain the market is approaching a large shift–in five years you will not be forced to wait in line to place your order and pay. You can count on it.

After all, we can do everything else on our phone–so why can’t we order our food through it at our favorite restaurants?

7 Ways to Enhance Your Productivity at Work Using Evernote

27 Aug

Here at tapviva, we are always trying to find ways to squeeze out even more productivity throughout our days.  One tool we love for being more productive is Evernote.  Here are seven great ways to be more productive using Evernote:

  1. Brainstorm during lunch, and actually keep the results.
  2. Have one person take notes in meetings, and sync them within departments.  Let managers see the results of the meetings without needing to take the time to email or conference call.
  3. Snap a photo of your receipts for expense reports.
  4. Create, save, and share a set of snippets that you use over and over throughout the day.  Think signatures, simple bits of HTML, frequently-used-but-easily-forgotten login information.
  5. Discuss contracts and proposals by uploading PDFs and commenting on them with your team.
  6. Save the results of your whiteboards so that your hard work isn’t lost when the meeting ends.
  7. Take a break and snap a photo of your favorite beer at lunch.  OK, so this one may not help you be more productive, but everyone needs to have a little fun, right?

Take Evernote for a spin.  We think you’ll love it as much as we do!  Did we mention it’s free?

Keeping Our Users Safe

13 Jul

Let’s face it, credit card fraud and identity theft are on the rise. We must be careful of who we divulge our personal information to. A great majority of us have had at least one instance where our sensitive payment information has been compromised.

Mindful of the growing threat, tapviva takes every precaution when handling customer credit card data. As with virtually every other online service, we encrypt your billing information and credit card number as you set up your account for the first time. To mitigate the fallout of any potential data breach (which is unlikely to begin with), we never store your credit card number on our servers. Both tapviva and the restaurants who partner with us can never reveal your credit card number, as it is handled only by our bank. So when you place an order through tapviva, we send a tokenized request to our credit card processor to initiate a charge to your credit card.

We are dead serious about security and make every effort to protect every one of our customers. Our system rock-solid secure, as we’re able to avoid the threats posed by physical payment methods. So that said, we look forward to make you safer while cutting the line.