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Faster iPhone App Available Today!

22 Mar

We’re excited about big speed improvements to our iPhone app. We’ve drastically reduced the cold startup time by up to 53% over WiFi and 68% over 3G. Now you can get your orderin’ on much quicker.

This time around, we require that you get this update from the App Store. Future updates will pushed to your phone automatically like they have at times in the past, meaning your phone will seamlessly download the incremental app changes (delta updates) instead of the entire application. You’ll be notified when the automatic download is complete and will be prompted to relaunch tapviva.

We’ve also made it easier for new users to get started with a shorter signup process. So if you don’t already have an account, now would be a great time to get started!

Thanks to all of our mobile users for the helpful feedback. We’re excited about speeding up our Android app in the coming weeks.

Our Take on Android In-App Payments

30 Mar

While we are excited about Android’s in App billing (see Android Developer post, and TechCrunch article), we are disheartened that it is still not relevant for our a service such as ours. tapviva works with cafes and food trucks that process a high volume of low dollar amount transactions. The in App Android billing takes a 30% fee per transaction. This type of cut for physical goods is simply not feasible.

According to January 2011 research by Canaccord Genuity, in 2010 restaurant’s share of the food dollar was 50%, if in App payments take an additional 30% to other costs, restaurant models no longer stay viable.

Thus, while the in App building may make sense for digital items and software where there is no additional cost per sale, it is not yet applicable for sale of physical items (such as delicious baked goods).

We would like to see the rates more closely aligned to those of standard credit card fees. Isn’t taking 2.7% + 30 cents per transaction enough of a payment? It seems that the technology can absolutely handle this in App payment structure, but the business model has not caught up to capability or needs.

Usability aside, we wanted to see how in App payments actually work. We have tested in App payments with the Comics App from ComiXology. We are impressed by the ease of setting up an account and the link to the Android store when you purchase, but for some reason a $0.99 listed item became $1.99 when we got to checkout. Not sure where the issue is, but take this as a warning to check prices before checking out.

When we tried to make a purchase with TapTapRevenge App – we had no idea if the purchase had actually gone through, no confirmation or way to tell if you already owned it.

So a few questions we have:

  • Are other people having the same issues with current in App payments?
  • When do you think Android will have a model to support the purchase of physical goods?

Sample In App Payment Flow on Android