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Faster iPhone App Available Today!

22 Mar

We’re excited about big speed improvements to our iPhone app. We’ve drastically reduced the cold startup time by up to 53% over WiFi and 68% over 3G. Now you can get your orderin’ on much quicker.

This time around, we require that you get this update from the App Store. Future updates will pushed to your phone automatically like they have at times in the past, meaning your phone will seamlessly download the incremental app changes (delta updates) instead of the entire application. You’ll be notified when the automatic download is complete and will be prompted to relaunch tapviva.

We’ve also made it easier for new users to get started with a shorter signup process. So if you don’t already have an account, now would be a great time to get started!

Thanks to all of our mobile users for the helpful feedback. We’re excited about speeding up our Android app in the coming weeks.

Best Websites and Apps to Split the Dinner Bill with Friends

4 Apr

As we research all things food and technology we have gotten interested in the best websites and mobile apps to use when splitting a dinner bill (or rent, or movie tickets…) with friends. We were looking to quick ways to send and receive instant payments.

Scenario: 8 friends go to dinner, the bill comes and no one has cash, and restaurant will only accept 1 credit card. Here are a few options you can take advantage of:

  • Venmo – Link your credit card or bank account through your phone number to make payments. Set up direct deposit to your bank account for payments you receive. Receive payments every two weeks. iPhone, Android and BlackBerry App. Totally free, no transaction fees. Also recommended for paying rent, splitting bills or ticket costs.
  • WePay – Pay through the WePay website. Link your WePay account to your bank account to get your payments deposited in 1 – 2 days.  Receive money by bank transfer or credit card. Added feature – create a Group Account. To pay with a linked bank account costs 50 cents, to pay by credit cards, pay for tickets or accept donations costs 3.5% (50 cent minimum).
  • PayPal – through PayPal instantly send your friend payment by knowing your friend’s email address linked to their PayPal account.  The cash is either withdrawn from money you have in your PayPal account, or in a bank account linked to your PayPal account. Send through the PayPal website or  iPhone, Android or BlackBerry apps. No transaction fee between friends.
  • Visa – Announced Mid-March that they will be a new player in this market. Customers will be able to send funds from their bank account to a friend’s 16 digit VISA account, email address or phone number (see article on VentureBeat).

For splitting a bill we like PayPal or Venmo – no transaction fees between friends, plus mobile apps – although we do not like the 2 weeks it takes to receive Venmo payments. Too soon to judge the new VISA capabilities. For accepting donations we like the added features on WePay and believe they are worth the costs.

Please let us know any bill-splitting, friend-payment, options we missed, we are always looking to learn more.

tapviva? That’s Lean!

16 Mar

tapviva is cloud dining.  We are building a platform agnostic, fully customizable mobile ordering app for local counter restaurants, cafes and food trucks. Our goal is to bring the mobile app technology to all cafes, not only the ones that can afford to build the app themselves.

Our app will allow the cafes’ customers to order and pay on their phone, the order will be received by the cafe, and the cafe will begin preparing the order before the customer arrives. Both cafe and customer will have a clean and pleasing experience.

We are a lean business because our goal is to help thousands of cafes, restaurants and food trucks be lean by bringing them an affordable app service.

In the meantime, we stay lean by doing it all ourselves, with a little help from the AppSumo lean start-up package.  Vote for us in the unbelievably awesome AppSumo Lean Startup Challenge. Here are a few ways we are using, and plan to use the AppSumo package to help our lean little start-up grow (plus a few other tools we use to stay lean that we couldn’t help but mention):

  • Like any good start-up, we need clients to agree to our terms and conditions and share some information about their business and interests. We found Pandaform to be the perfect (affordable) solution.  Not only did it save us money, due to the AppSumo deal, but it also saved us time. Pandaform is incredibly easy to use (it is drag and drop), we get a notification whenever a form is filled out, and it has an admin panel that actually makes sense. Easy to set-up forms? That’s lean!
  • We need to deliver orders to food trucks that are on the move. We plan to be using Twilio’s text message service to send orders to phones.  We have been excited about Twilio since we first heard about it – we are looking forward to using the service to send texts to clients for pennies. Pennies for texts? That’s lean!
  • Twitter is a free way for us to market tapviva to potential clients, we have been amazed by our ability to connect with ideal potential clients in cities other than our own around the country. Free marketing? That’s lean!
  • Right now we are relying on outbound efforts (thank you BatchBook CRM!) to find and organize clients. In the future we hope to have customers find our site and sign up for our services. When they land at our site we still want to be available for any questions they may have – we plan to utilize SnapEngage to live chat with any customers with questions. Letting customers find you, but still having a live conversation? That’s lean!

tapviva? That’s lean!


Hello World! We are tapviva.

14 Mar

We are planning to use this blog to explore all things tapviva, technology, payments, food, restaurants, cafes and food trucks. Thank you for joining us.

Let’s start at the beginning.

Why are we excited about tapviva?

We are excited about helping cafes, restaurants and food trucks have their own branded app at an affordable cost.

We are excited about helping customers spend less time waiting in line and more time enjoying food, friends and sunshine.

We are excited about helping food trucks and farmer’s market vendors better plan inventory by having their customers order ahead of time.

We are excited about cafes, restaurants and food trucks accepting credit cards without slowing down.

We are excited about increased customer satisfaction and increased restaurant efficiency.

We are excited about providing an easy and elegant user interface for restaurants and customers.

Why are you excited about tapviva?