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New app lets users grab coffee on the go

April 5, 2012

"You're late for work or something like that and that's where we come in," tapviva co-founder Stephen Conn said. Conn and Evan Madow, two geeks addicted to coffee, came up with an app called tapviva that lets users order before they get there. "We have a lot of regulars that come in to Philz especially, order the same thing and this is just making their lives so much easier," Madow said.

On the Go: Food trucks on the forefront of tech innovation

February 9, 2012

"Tapviva [is] an app that allows customers to order and pay ahead of time, and simply show up to claim their order." "[T]his groundswell of imagination and adaptability is perhaps what defines the mobile food industry best, and we're certain that this slew of high tech integration will continue to grow and astound us further."

Contraband Coffee Takes Online Orders With TapViva App

February 15, 2012

"Contraband recently signed up with 'next generation ordering technology' company TapViva to give customers the chance to use smart phones to order their coffee beverages." "Nathan Wyss, co-owner of Contraband, was unhappy with his previous point-of-sale system and signed up with Tapviva, hoping that the mobile app would 'give people in a rush an option' if they didn't have the time to slog through a long line."

AngelPad's Third Demo Day: Fifteen Startups Take Flight

October 18, 2011

"Tapviva wants to disrupt traditional restaurant Point of Sale systems by letting users pay via their iPhone and Android smartphones... Tapviva is trying to stand out by working with smaller merchants like food trucks and cafes. 'Our long-term vision is to change restaurant POS, to bring it out of the dark ages,' co-founder Stephen Conn tells me."

Former Googlers' AngelPad Graduates 15 More Start-Ups

October 18, 2011

"Tapviva is mobile food ordering built atop a next-generation restaurant technology platform. Founders have been developing technology products together for over a decade" ...

Accelerators Groom Technology Ventures for Success

November 22, 2011

From TV Transcript: "So, what we do is we facilitate mobile ordering and advanced point of sale for restaurants, cafes and food trucks. So you have your phone in your pocket—your smartphone, your iPhone, your Android device. You order ahead, you skip the line. And the order shows up on an iPad that is in a restaurant in the kitchen in the back, and your food is prepared."

How 9 Food Trucks Use Tech To Drive Business

July 14, 2011

"Tapviva's three co-founders lived in the Bay Area when they got fed up with waiting in line for ten minutes at Starbucks. It occurred to them: Why can't we order and pay ahead of time on our phones, pick up our coffees and go? Basically, they wanted their food to wait for them, not the other way around."

Lazy but hungry? There's an app for that

May 11, 2011

"This app allows you to place an order at participating food trucks and cafes right from your phone. When you arrive, your order will be waiting for you, instead of the other way around."

Apps Food Trucks Love, Coffee's Strange New Bug-Fighting Properties

July 15, 2011

"Food Truck Technology: Mashable has a post up about apps that food trucks and popups are using." ... "the brand-new Tapviva, which lets customers order ahead of time."